Reflexology is one of the newest services to be offered by Hadleigh Physio, and Judy is a fabulous addition to their team. Reflexology isn’t new to me, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to find another practitioner. I had total confidence in seeing Judy as the other services already offered by the team are second to none.

This year personally has been a very emotional and exhausting time, and the stress has taken its toll on my body.

I am already a patient at the clinic, seeing Will, but felt the extra support from reflexology would benefit me on my track to recovery.

I was instantly put at ease by Judy, who has a wonderful kind and warm personality. I have had two sessions over the last four weeks, noticing an improvement after each visit. Each consultation with Judy has left-me feeling relaxed ,de-stressed and revitalised.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

If you haven’t already, give Reflexology a try... I can’t recommend Judy more highly.

Gill - Treatments @ Hadleigh physio.

I have had reflexology treatments in the past but Judy Mostert gives the most intensive and rewarding treatment that I’ve ever experienced.  She will concentrate on any particular problems you may have whether physical or not and work on your feet accordingly to rectify any imbalances.  The treatments are extremely relaxing and I would definitely recommend!

Marian G - Treatments @ Hadleigh physio.

For the past year I have been seeing Judy for reflexology,  I can not recommend her highly enough, she makes you feel so relaxed and really good about yourself, since having the treatment I have found I have more energy and generally feel good about myself thank you Judy.

Louise - Kesgrave

Had a lovely reflexology treatment this evening and nearly fell asleep. Even better I didn't have to leave the house. Thanks Judy.

Karen - Kesgrave

I really look forward to my treatments, it is so relaxing but more importantly it helps to balance me and picks up my ailments and helps relieve them.  I always feel better after a treatment and was particularly pleased when I finally shifted a nasty virus after treatments. I love Judy's relaxed manner and approach, whilst being extremely professional.  Would wholeheartedly recommend.

Katie - Kesgrave