The principle purpose of most complementary therapies is to produce a therapeutic effect additional to that offered by other medical & physiotherapy interventions.  In Reflexology every part of the foot contains reflexes that correspond to a part of the body. Including muscle groups, internal organs, glands, bones etc. This in turn reveals a map of the body on the feet.

The therapist uses the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to the feet; to detect deposits and imbalances in the corresponding parts of the body.   By working on these points, blockages can be released allowing the body to work in harmony. It can relieve anxiety & tension, encourage relaxation, improve mood, help sleep. It can also aid more specific ailments such as digestion, pain and hormone balancing.  Reflexology does not diagnose, it works alongside conventional medicine to help support the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms that may have become suppressed through illness or injury.

On your first treatment a health consultation is taken. The feet are then worked on noting problem areas.  There may be discomfort in some places; this can be an indication of congestion and toxic deposits in a corresponding part of the body.  Mostly the sensation is pleasurable and relaxing. It will help to soothe you while stimulating your body’s own natural healing.

A treatment is approximately 45 minutes. A course of treatments may be required, depending on your body’s needs.  After treatment your body may respond in a very specific way, you may have a feeling of well-being and increased energy, or you may feel lethargic, tired or emotional.  The way your body responds is vital information, indicating how the treatment is working for you.